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Facebook Graph Search Generator by Henk van Ess

Facebook changed stuff.
Use 2. Find any ID first. Got the ID?
Now go to Facebook Search Generator

1. Getting started

What is Facebook Graph Search, and why does this page exist?
Facebook Graph Search is a powerful search engine that lets everyone play around with Facebooks "big data". It only shows you what is already accessible to you (at least that's what Facebook claims), but in a structured and simple way that has been met by a lot of concerns about privacy. Especially since it can reveal things you might not think you had access to. Facebook killed in June 2019 most queries, but the new Facebook Search Generator will still help you.


When I did a keynote for Nordic Media Conference in Norway early 2016, I asked the public if some one could improve my GUI of Tormund Gerhardsen came up with the idea to simplify the input. Read more on Wikipedia.

Set the language of your Facebook to English (US)

At the moment, Facebook Graph Search is only available for United States with English (US) language selected. However, anyone can change to English (US) by going to "Settings" -> "Language" in the upper right corner on Facebook. And search results will still show up from the entire Facebook database!

Why not just type names directly in the search bar?
Well, a lot of stuff can have the same name. Everything on Facebook (people, places, events, etc.) have a unique ID, a so called UID. This is simply just a number, but very important to get the search accurate. And to get the UID for a person, use the persons unique username from the URL.

2. Find any ID


Example: Go to a Facebook profile and look in the address bar and find something like:
"". The username is simply "JohnDoe". The friendly name can be whatever you want.

Name Facebook UID Action

3. Search

Single person


Example: Photos tagged with Mark Zuckerberg

What do they have in common?

and Search

Example: Places visited by Mark Zuckerberg and Chris Hughes

All wall postings

Search all wall postings for " " made by or with Search

Example: Search all wall postings for "A walk on the beach"

Who went where?

Which people who live in visited  Search

Example: Which people who live in Bergen visited Syria?